Mama, I Hate Broccoli

                                                                  The 4 Steps Guide to Get Your Children Like Healthy Food

How to Motivate Children’s Healthy Eating

Life Health Diet Series – Book 2

The importance of healthy children’s food is not overrated. Chronic diseases in children are rising drastically and too many
studies connect it with the food we eat. The processed food today has no resemblance to the food 50 or even 30 years ago.

Today children are surrounded by endless sugars, artificial colors, preservatives, industrial fried snacks and so on, from an early age.

In this situation creating healthy eating habits is crucial to our children’s health and wellness for their growth and their future. 

The problem is that in the society today, to motivate children’s healthy eating is a difficult task.

This book will help you get your children to eat healthy food and like it, in a gradual and easy to apply 4 steps process.

You will get tactics to appeal to the younger children and tools that will assist with older children and teenagers, to make
changes without unnecessary conflict. You will also learn how to save time and still cook healthy and delicious meals.

Also, at every stage you will receive:
–  A recommended shopping list for that stage
–  A list of ingredients to add and ingredients to remove from the menu
–  How to approach eating out
–  How to approach the foods we cook at home
–  A variety of recipes for main courses, hot side dishes, salads, and desserts.

The 3 most important guidelines that will help you succeed are:

1. Avoid power struggle – Don’t get into fights with children over food and don’t try to force them – it’s a lose-lose situation.
2. Do the changes gradually – step by step and if needed, go a step back before you go forward.
3. Just do it – gently continue and don’t give up.

Have a healthy and happy life.