The Winning and Preventing - Cancer Diet


Proven Cancer Fighting Foods


Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes


Delicious and Healthy Meals


Life Health Diet Series – Book 1


The Winning and Preventing Cancer Diet contains
101 delicious recipes rich in natural & healthy foods that studies showed they
can help preventing and fighting cancer. In every recipe, the cancer-fighting
ingredients have been marked.

The book includes a review of literature on
cancer research, best cancer-fighting foods and food elements that can increase
the risk of cancer.

In the book, you will find the Life Health Diet
principles: Anti-Cancer Nutrition guide regarding anti-cancer foods and how to
handle foods and nutrition components to increase their health impact.

The heart of the book contains 101 anti-cancer
recipes, delicious and easy to prepare to make eating appetizing and appealing
to patients, to those who want to prevent cancer and the whole family.

Recipes of salads, vegetable with unique
flavors from different countries, nutritious and tasty lentil dishes, pies,
quiches, soups, patties, stuffed foods, and special foods are all included.
Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free recipes.

All the recipes are detailed, clear, and easy
to prepare for the enjoyment of everyone in the family